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how to create a good fantroll for dummies - a walkthrough by the people who operate fuckyeahawfulfantrolls.
we’ll try to keep everything as short as possible! promise!! 

if you have any more questions or anything regarding this, feel free to drop an ask, and this walkthrough will be updated.

please note that this IS a walkthrough, and it isn’t your bible.
you can still make changes; however it is suggested that you read this to prevent eyesores for the homestuck fan character community. 

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  • UPDATE 1 [11/5/2011]


No your fantroll cannot be Eridan’s (or in fact anybody elses) matesprit.

All trolls AND FANCHARACTERS should exist on a totally different timeline than that of the canon one since everybody that is mentioned in the comic ARE THE ONLY ONES ALIVE AT THAT POINT.


If you want to stick to tradition, it is suggested that your troll’s name follows the 6 by 6 rule — meaning that the first AND last name must have 12 characters in it (6 for first name, 6 for last name)

However, you don’t have to completely abide to this ‘rule’!


There are a few guidelines relating to blood color, but we’ll try to keep it short!!!

It was mentioned by Andrew Hussie himself that trolls DO NOT HAVE: 

  • Black blood
  • White blood
  • Rainbow blood
  • Transparent blood

And it is more logical if your fantroll DOES NOT HAVE:

  • Fluorescent colored blood
  • Color-changing blood



Now for the exciting bit — how high up is your troll in the caste?

(image credit to MSPAwiki) 

The possibility of blood colors however, are endless seeing as that in the process of creating a troll; a mother grub lays eggs and a bunch of fluids get mixed up and voila there’s troll babby grub. 

*It should be noted that ‘royal’ trolls ARE sea-dwellers. Add fins (or anything that resembles a fish) to your troll if [pronoun here] is higher up in the caste.


To simply put — a troll’s blood color is the symbol of their pride. The higher you are up in the caste, the more ‘elite’ you are.

Trolls tend to flaunt this fact by typing in their blood color, and wearing their blood color as a symbol on their t-shirt.

Although we could see in canon that Karkat does not type in his blood color, it isn’t an invitation to have your troll type in another color that exists IN the Hemospectrum!!


A lusus should match up to your troll’s caste. This means that a horrorterror CANNOT be your yellowblood troll’s Lusus. Try and find a perfect fit for your troll. Seeing as that Lusii are somewhat similar to a Mother or a Father — your Lusus should be somewhat similar to your troll.

This could be proved with the fact that Sollux’s Lusus shares the same ‘2D glasses’ feature, and Equius’ Lusus is pretty darned STRONG.


Luckily enough for us, Alternia isn’t some sort of bogus planet. It’s simply a second earth, only that most these trolls don’t live in areas that have sun

So what about location?
It could be inferred that the given locations of each troll’s hive reflect how high they are up in the caste. Now, we’re not saying that this fact is canon, however it could be theorized that the locations of each troll’s hives can be summed up in this way:

Simply put, the lower the troll is in the caste, the further away they are from the ocean. It does not matter where a troll’s hive is; however it should be noted that the s-Ea is only for Royalty!!! 38D