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Anonymous: What would be the worst three things appearance wise you would hate to see on a fantroll

Alright, I actually had a long discussion with my skype buddies with this. Short answer:

another troll fucking it for one

~Tumblr user and professional Doc Scratch artist Pleg aka “Pleggu-chan”

Long answers:

  1. Over-designing. Things like overly-elaborate outfits, crazy rainbow hair, etc, are usually signs that you need to set the tablet pen down and take a few deep breaths. Ask yourself: Does my fantroll belong in the main Final Fantasy universe or Homestuck? If you answer is “Final Fantasy”, draw your troll in a simple t-shirt and pants and just sort of go from there.
  2. Obnoxious color schemes. Neon greens and such are fine in moderation, but if you pile them on you make a raver vomiting mess. Ever notice how a lot of awful fantrolls have the same color scheme of rainbow explosion? Yeah. Really, it shows a lack of creativity and a lack of color sense.
  3. Simmer down when it comes to super special ~mutations~. Look, I’m pretty fine with a mutation here and there, since there are some troll fuckups and all, but there’s a point where your troll is a one-winged angel with heterochromia heart-shaped eyes and that’s where you need to stop and back the fantroll limo up and hope you don’t crash. I realize people like making their trolls with animal traits! Cool! Don’t allow your troll to blend into the background like a goddamn chameleon or the ability to dramatically spout batwings in a magical girl transformation sequence and we’re fine, probably!

Hope this helps!

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