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Okay, now what have we here?

his name is Lapynn Nyctea
Title: Maid Of Irony
he had an accident when he was younger ,and that defines every single detail of his appearence, he fell from a cliff and was near to die, he fractured the rigth horn and his forehead, leaving his rigth eye useless, his frown pleat forever (because he always looks angry when he´s happy) and the horn fractured recovered itself but becoming 10% heavier, so he uses a neck belt to avoid the bad posture that it causes, also, he uses shoulderless clothes because his cloth sizes are small, and his horns are to big, so he can only wear clothes that can be put from bottom


That’s a guy?

his personality is joyful and silly , and a little crazy ( Did I forget to mention Brain damage???), he sometimes forgets that hes a lowblood and start messing around with higbloods carrying lots of troubles, he tipes witing “y” instead of “i” ,and its pronunced more like an “i” with a “shh” background ,and using “ZH” instead of “TH” ,it represents his horns that have the form of an Y

Oh, of course he forgets he’s a lowblood. Mmyeah, okay.

his weapon is that “tail” that really is a robotic bladed belt that work as a whip , and he can throw fire from his sleeves, using the “tail” as a “sniper base

I guess the weapon could be a lot worse, but everything else…

the weapon is a bit silly imo but

i actually like this troll a lot?? he’s pretty cute?? your complaint seems to be “haha boy look like woman?? but boy not woman??weird” and that’s kind of dumb

symbol could do with some work and the strife specibi should change but overall this is not that bad

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    Agreed. It’s more contrived than a Tim LaHaye novel, and that’s saying something. Maybe troll physiology is different,...
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